US 2 MP 193.4 Coulee CitySR 155: SR 174 Grand Coulee




Grand Coulee Area Weather provides the user with a continuously updated weather forecast for the Grand Coulee region of Washington State. Grand Coulee Area Weather fills a void, as we lack local radio or television weather forecasts for our area. Also, there are several links to additional weather data including current weather radar and satellite imagery. Read More


Much of the Columbia River Basin experiences the rain shadow effect of the north-south mountain ranges, primarily the Cascades, which block moist winds from the Pacific Ocean. As the air rises, it cools, losing ability to retain moisture. Rain and snowfall on the western side is plentiful, while lands east of the mountains remain arid. Rain shadows are particularly evident where major mountain ranges are perpendicular to the direction of prevailing winds and storm tracks coming from the ocean, as with the Cascades. Read More